New Year, New You

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Ladies – it’s time. Time to clean out your closet, clean out the clutter in your life and reorganize yourselves. 2014 is your year to shine and have a dazzling closet. We know you have been holding out on us and we’re hear to tell you that you need to clear some time in your schedule to clean out your closet.
We suggest you make four piles: Donate, Toss, Keep and Alterations.. You know those pieces that are too big for you, but were too pricey to toss? Donate them to people in need! You know that pant suit from 1998 that may hug you in all the wrong places? Toss it (anything pleated has got to go). Is there a pair of pants that you never wear because you need them hemmed? Go to the tailor. And those things you’ve bought and you’ve never returned? Make the trip.
Then, categorize your closet according to clothing type and color (all skirts like to hang together, all tops like to hang together). When you are pruning through your closet a garment rack is a very useful tool. You can purchase one at your local Container Store.
The items that you keep should be properly steamed or ironed and hung up on REAL SIMPLE microfiber hangers. You can find them at your local Bed, Bath & Beyond. Trust us – you won’t regret doing this. You know that extra 10 minutes of sleep you wish you could get in the morning? The minutes spent combing through your closet? If you follow our directions and reorganize, you can get those minutes back!
Drop off all donation bags or schedule a pick up the same day as your closet clean out.
Happy cleaning!

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