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Reader Question:

“I recently purchased one of those silky blousy tunics that are really in, which I love. But I haven’t worn it yet because I just don’t know what to pair with it?”

Kyle Answers:

Great question! I think a lot of people struggle with the same kind of issue – having a piece that they love and not knowing what to pair with it. Coordinating outfits seems to be a challenge for others. Happy to help… love the silky tunic trend. We are pairing it with some type of skinny pant, whether it be a black riding pant, merlot skinny cords, darker colored skinny jeans. You see the trick is when you have flowy on the top you want to put fitted on the bottom. This holds true with all outfit coordinating. So for example if you have a flowy skirt you would want to wear it with a fitted top. You never want to do flowy with flowy and tight with tight, as the outfit is unbalanced with that approach-tailored with tailored  is a different story- is is all about creating a streamlined overall look,  Hope this helps…….I know it can be confusing, let me know if you have any additional questions pertaining to the the subject of coordinating balanced outfits or if you have any “I don’t know what to wear with it pieces” in your closet….good luck!

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