The Perfect Pout: Fall Edition

Untitled #84
In addition to cleaning and flipping your closet from summer to winter, it’s also essential to do the same to your beauty products. You’re skin type and skin tone change with the seasons and not every product should be used for both. We will share a beauty post on the transition next week, but we thought we’d start slow – with lipsticks of course! In the summer we assume you want to that sun kissed, glowy look, that sometimes feels impossible to achieve. Cue raspberry, coral and pale pink lipsticks. that flawless lip color goes well with a dewy complexion. In the winter? We go dark over here at Kyle Alexandra. Trying darker tones can be fun, without getting too experimental. We love a cranberry, scarlet, mauve or cherry tone! These dark colors look great with jewel tones and they bring out the pinks in your skin as it gets lighter. Try it! And let us know your favorites. XO

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