Perfectly Polished for Spring

Untitled #40
Top Row (L to R)
Under the Twilight | Avenue Maintain | Find Me An Oasis | Mint Candy Apple | Vested Interest
Bottom Row (L to R)
Baby’s Breath|  Neon | Bottle Service | Twin Sweater Set | Resort Fling
The changing of seasons means the changing of nail color! There are so many delicious , spring nail colors from Essie that we can’t contain our excitement. We want to wear mint, coral, hot pink and blush all at the same time! But, we know we can’t. So we will settle for changing up our nail polish every so often so that we can try every color Essie has to offer us this season. Print out this post and bring it to your next nail appointment in order to join us! Don’t you want to be perfectly polished for spring?

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