Gift Guide: For Her

Who doesn’t love gifting the one’s you love with something special? Gifts should be items that the person would never buy for themselves. They should be thoughtful, because don’t you want them to be put to good use? Here are some random, albeit thoughtful ideas for gifting your mom, sister, best friend, female boss, etc.:

  1. Accent Items: Women love to add accents to their living spaces. Think: Candles, soaps, flowers, ring dishes, coffee table books and knick knacks. These types of gifts rarely go above $100 if you know the right places to look. And women can feel guilty about buying these luxuries for themselves. So be that person! Gift her something that will make her smile (and she will actually use)!
  2. Blue Apron: Regardless if you are a woman who loves to cook, gifting someone a Blue Apron package is really nice. It pre-portions your meals and gifts you the exact ingredients to create a delicious meal (for one or two). This would be great for a single woman or a woman in a couple! Super special.
  3. Wine Delivery Service: Do I even have to explain this? Companies like Winc now deliver (customized) wines to your door! It can be a shipment that they can end up refilling and it makes it super easy (especially in the winter) to receive both red, whites and rosés!
  4. Home Favorites: This one can be a little more personal, so I would stick with cousins, family, close friends, etc. For this we are thinking: comfortable throws for the living room, unique vases, large serving dishes, cheeseboards (with app napkins). Hint: These types of favorites need to match and mix with your friends interiors though, so just be aware! xx

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