Lady in Red

Did you know that you can make a statement without having to go above and beyond? Sometimes one vibrant, bright color can make all the difference. We chose a scarlet red jacket because 1. it’s a seasonal color 2. this time of year can be dreary 3. it’s removable. Let’s discuss: Everyone goes for gold, silver, grey, beige when it comes to their winter coat, because neutrals go with every outfit. But a red jacket is special and it can really MAKE the outfit, instead of the other way around. Plus – this time of year can be cold, rainy, snowy and dreary. Brighten up your day (and everyone else’s)! Lastly, it’s removable. You could be wearing all black to a dressy event and want that little something extra to make you feel confident. You could be wearing something super casual and feel the need for a little extra color. Or you could be wearing the prettiest dress and need the proper jacket. All-in-all the red coat wins. xx


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