The Perfect Wave


Let’s talk holiday season because we’re at the beginning of it and it can seem a bit daunting. Yes? Yes. There are decorations to be set up, dresses to be bought, hair to be styled, parties to attend (and lot’s of food to eat). The list goes on and on and on (in the best way possible. So let’s take it one day at a time, one topic at a time. Hair can be a tad bit overwhelming. Updos? Half up, half down dos? Curls? Waves? Straight? SO many options. And depending on if you are wearing an open back dress, a sparkly top or a some type of elegant drop earring, you’re hairstyle can make a big difference. We know women love to wear their hair down. So why not opt for a wavy texture to go with your holiday dress? Something about this look is sexy and pretty and perfect (without trying to hard). So next time you’re at Drybar, ask for a little wave. It will look darling. xx


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