French Girl Chic


And while we are dreaming of the French countryside, we are also providing some fashion inspiration for when you do book those tickets abroad. There is something about red that screams Parisian fashion. A red beret, a red bag, a red printed dress, a red scarf. It’s all so glamorous and effortless. The Parisian way. There is never not a season to rock some French flair, so today we’ve rounded up some great examples. Is that red bag in the back of your closet collecting dust because you’re not sure about how bright it is? We encourage you to test it out! Red is a great fall color. You’ll receive lots of compliments. We promise! And what about that black silk scarf in your top drawer? Why not tie around your neck to add a little something to that LBD? Date night? Work? These ideas work for it all. Have some fun! xx


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