Wise Words


We love quotes—especially ones found on Pinterest. We typically talk about them once a week, but a lot of them can get misconstrued if read improperly. Take this one for instance. We’d like to have an open conversation about it. One of the biggest things we push women to be is advocates. Be an advocate for yourself, your mind, your body and your voice. Speak up, be heard and state your opinions. This quote can easily be misconstrued as something that says in order to be successful, one must be silent. Or don’t go out of your way to be heard. It’s important to open up these quotes for discussion because they can be taken ANY WAY (and are seen all over the place). We take it as such:

When you work hard, set and achieve goals it’s easy to become confident in your work and ability. Success is like perfume. You can smell it, but never drink it. Be mindful about your success and it will triple. Have a wonderful Thursday! xx

PS – One more day until the weekend!


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