Welcome Fall!



Happy First Day of Fall!

Can you believe it?! The Autumnal Equinox has finally arrived and while we usually wouldn’t be THAT excited for cooler weather, the FALL FASHION is seriously THE BEST. Between the faux fur, leather, suede and dark, delicious colors, Kyle and I are always in the mood for shopping during this time. Truly it’s amazing. So let’s get down to a fall to-do list, because you know we love those! Over the next few months the weather will turn chillier, so it’s time to start planning out some new adventures. Off we go!

  1. Go apple and/or pumpkin picking
  2. Enjoy a hot cup of apple cider outside
  3. Carve a pumpkin!
  4. And then bake the pumpkin seeds for a delicious fall snack
  5. Set out your fall decor (pumpkins, ghosts, orange floral arrangements)
  6. Invest in some delicious fall candles (pumpkin spice, evergreen)
  7. When it gets cool enough: light your first fire (with some red wine of course)!
  8. Change over your closet (hello cashmere sweaters)!
  9. Take a drive up north! You won’t regret seeing the leaves change and breathing in that cooler, fresh air.

Most of all, enjoy this delicious change in season. Embrace it! xx


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