Spring Ahead!


How wonderful is it to be outside today? The sun is shining, the birds are chirping and the puffer jacket is still in your mud room. 70 degrees on March 9th is such a blessing (especially because last year we were digging ourselves out of 70 inches of snow). So with springtime temperatures on the horizon – it may be time to plan some fun adventures! Here are our thoughts:

  • Purchase a cute picnic basket and head to the park/ on a hike for some lunch among gorgeous flowers
  • Plan a weekend trip to New York City – with the temps not too hot in Spring, NYC is the perfect place to explore! Broadway shows, delicious restaurants, etc
  • Jet down south. Why not take off a Monday or Friday and head to the Outer Banks or Miami Beach for the weekend? The 3- hour plane trip will get you to even warmer temps!
  • Plan a staycation! Ever heard of it? Pick a reasonably priced hotel downtown Boston and explore the city for the weekend. Duck tours? Public Gardens? Bruins game? Sometimes adventure can be found in your own back yard.
  • Clean it out! Spring cleaning can be a daunting task, but sometimes it’s exactly what your closet/ house needs. Get ahead of it by going room to room. Tackling smaller projects is easier than doing the whole thing at once.





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