One thing for sure? Kyle is the queen of holiday hosting! Between her annual Derby party, family birthday soirees and her December holiday party, she is always coming up with the latest and greatest ways to have more fun. We never think she will top herself – and then she does! Here are some sure proof ways to host your holiday party successfully:

  • Plan and promote early: start sending out invites, come up with the theme and make a checklist of where you plan to purchase food and decor.
  • Go all out on decor and visuals: Kyle has an eye for all things fashion, interior decor and design. She has a knack for find cute decorations at home stores that she can use for years to come.
  • Remember to enjoy yourself! A lot of time goes into planning parties. You want your guests to have a lovely time. But don’t forget that you should too! Kyle has help, but typically prepares everything in advance so she can mingle and dance too!

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