Wednesday Wisdom


No matter If you are an employee of Kyle Alexandra, or a client, you quickly come to understand who Kyle is and the way she sees the world around her. Although she knows not everyday is sunshine and roses, most days are and that is due by-and-large to her attitude. If Kyle doesn’t like the way a dress looks, the way a couch is positioned, the way someone is interacting with her, the way someone is treating themselves, she changes the status quo. She looks at the situation and makes it as positive as she can. She changes the way she looks at things on a constant basis in order to keep the negativity out of her life. Furthermore, she encourages the people around her to do the same. If they don’t like the way their closets look, the way they look in their clothes, she swoops in and she changes not only their daily wardrobe, but their outlook on life. Because who wouldn’t want to wake up everyday happy, fulfilled and confident? It’s the Kyle Alexandra way. Xo


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