20 Things You Don’t Know About Kyle Alexandra Moreland

Kyle New Website Photo

We think it’s important that you get to know Kyle outside of her passion for styling! She is a sister, daughter, wife and friend who loves to garden, travel and inspire others. In order to get to know her more personally, we’ve created a fun little post that gives you a bolder, more in-depth look into the life of Kyle Alexandra:

1. Kyle is a sister of Cynthia who is her best friend and the daughter of wonderful parents, Marilyn and Tom Dewar who live close by.  Kyle is very close with her family and feels very blessed to have such a loving, generous, warm and fun family.

2. She grew up in Wellesley, MA and spent her summers on Cape Cod in Harwichport, her very favorite harbor view is and always will be the view of Wychemere Harbor. Kyle loves the Cape and still gets there several times each summer to enjoy the beautiful beach with her family!

3. She has two adorable cats with her husband Brian, affectionately named Oliver Twist and Henry!

4. She loves to sip orange infused cosmopolitans with her girlfriends and loves to laugh!  Kyle loves a great sense of humor and has been known to be a bit of a prankster with her friends and family.

5. She always gives people benefit of the doubt and sees the best in people, always.  She believes that everyone is important and deserves to be treated that way.

6. She loves to fill her home with fresh flowers, particularly roses, peonies and tulips-she believes flowers can brighten up anyone’s mood instantly!

7. She adores YSL lip gloss, Laura Mercier Illuminating Moisturizer and her signature fragrance is Mademoiselle, by Chanel.

8. She is never without fashionable sunnies, lip gloss and a fun cocktail ring!

9. She is the ultimate hostess, never without a bottle of champs and cheese board ingredients in the fridge!

10. She loves lobster rolls in the summer, her favorite place to go is Brax Landing in Harwich on Cape Cod.

11. She hated gym class in kindergarten because she had to wear sweat pants! After a sit down with Mom and the principal a compromise of sweatpants under her skirt or dress was agreed upon. She started picking out her clothes the night before at age 4 in nursery school and loved going to church to watch all the outfits go by after communion.

12. She loves her friends and family and would do absolutely anything for them, she loves to give more than receive and adores finding the perfect presents for her loved ones!

13. She always, always, always puts her grocery carts back after carting them to car…it’s just the right thing to do!

14. She is the first to know how to fix just about anything…including car keys for a certain intern named, Caroline : )  She is the handy girl of her house hold and has been known to rearrange all the furniture in a room on any given day!

15. She loves gardening, beautiful antique furniture, fabrics and tastefully done wallpaper. Her environment and surroundings must always be pretty and aesthetically pleasing.

16. Traveling is one of Kyle’s greatest passions (her first to Europe was when she was 4 years old….she actually had her 4th birthday in Germany) Her most recent trip aboard was Venice and a Croatian Mediterranean cruise with her family.

17. Kyle is a very kind soul, she wants nothing more than to make people feel incredible about who they are on the inside and out.

18. She believes the keys to life are: to be able to forgive, to be compassionate, to be grateful, to be positive and to enjoy life….and most importantly have fun!

19. She knows and believes that something good is always about to happen and that everything happens for a reason, because it really does 💕.

20. Kyle is actually a family name!  Many people in her family have Kyle as their middle name, including her mother, sister, aunts, niece, and many cousins….she is still trying to figure out how she became the “chosen one” to carry Kyle as a first name : )


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