Weekend TLC


Okay – ladies! It’s officially spring!

How exciting?! This is the time of year that lags on forever. You get one mildly, and we mean MILDLY, warm day and all of the sudden it feels like we’ve escaped winter, only to have snow the next morning. What is that? No thank you! So in order to shake off the winter blues we are sharing some weekend ideas that will give your mind and body a little TLC!

Your Weekend Checklist:

– Indulge at the spa: book a massage, facial or mani/pedi! You deserve it.

– Instead of window shopping, go buy that blouse you’ve been coveting! It will give you that extra confidence you need for next weeks PTA or annual sales meeting.

– Take some “me” time! Take a good book and curl up with a hot cup of tea or glass of wine and get lost for a couple of hours in someone else’s world.

– Sweat it out! Are you super stressed from a long week? Maybe you need to work it out! Hot yoga? Spin? Go work off that frustration and you will feel surprisingly calm afterwards. We promise.

– Unplug. You know your cellphone, laptop, iPad, blackberry, monitor and Kindle? Go put them away. And if you don’t think you have the ability to steer clear, have a loved one HIDE them from you! You may need to escape the digital world – if just for a 24 hour time period. Hitting refresh is just what you need.

Have a good one!


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