Onwards & Upwards



It’s officially official – we are SO over this weather! Onwards and upwards, over here at Kyle Alexandra! We are thinking a little Florida or Bermuda trip would be the perfect escape. A girl can dream? Are we right? We thought we would get a jump start on spring cleaning prep! Now – March and April tend to still be pretty chilly, so we aren’t saying you should put away heavy sweaters or coats quite yet, but color? Brights! Pastels! Things that make you happy! So here is a little list. A list that you can consult when you’re going through your closet this morning. If you don’t have one of the following – consider picking it up next time you’re out! Or we can do it for you.

+ A lavender cardigan

+ A pastel colored purse (Kate Spade, perhaps?)

+ A bright pink lipstick

+ A crystal statement necklace

+ Navy flats

Think happy thoughts!


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