Snoooow Excuse Not to be Glam!

Kyle_blog_hats_002Kyle_blog_hats_016 Kyle_blog_hats_018 Kyle_blog_hats_020 Kyle_blog_hats_024 Kyle_blog_hats_029 Kyle_blog_hats_031 Kyle_blog_hats_035

Is the snowy season  making you feel not so glam?  We say it’s Snooooowww excuse!

You can always feel fabulous, even if your walking around in a winter wonderland and it sure is such a winter wonderland in the Northeast right now!

Two glam looks are presented on today’s post.  If you really want to make a statement and have some fun with accessories why not try a hat? Sure we love the wool hats with pom poms, but life was great in ’88!

Hats are such an instant outfit finisher. There are so many different styles and they are so fun to wear! They not only keep you super warm (so much heat radiates from our heads) but it’s an easy way to have fun dressing in the cold snowy weather!

Kyle is sporting a black wide rimmed hat and her look is stylish and classic. She could wear this to a client appointment or out to lunch with ladies. Her cap is more casual, but equally as fashion forward! Kyle can wear it out shopping or while she’s shopping for clients. The possibilities are endless! We suggest you opt for a different style than you normally would. Get outside of your comfort zone and try something new. We promise – you won’t be dissapointed!


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