Fashion Forward in 2015

NYear Back to Work Photo 2

N.Year Back to Work Photo 4  NYear Back to Work Photo 1 Final

Happy first week of 2015 (and for most of us it means back to work)….all of us at Kyle Alexandra are back to work and very excited about wearing all of the fun and new accessories and clothes we received from Santa!  We are also really looking forward to seeing all of the new spring 2015 merchandise in all of the stores-such an exciting time of year!

Kyle is off to work in the photos you see above and she is ready and excited for 2015-and you can see it because she is wearing a POP of color with a neutral…that’s really all it takes to spice up and outfit!  Have you been thinking about trying to wear some pops of color, but just are not sure if you can pull it off? We say, yes you can!   Maybe wearing color might be one of your fashion goals for 2015……hmmmm?

Since we are starting fresh with a new year, why not start fresh with a new look too? Just like you come up with goals for your personal and professional life, it’s important to consider some new fashion goals for 2015.
Are you apprehensive to wear leather? Why not give it a whirl this season?  A leather skirt in a deep burgundy or black paired with a cashmere sweater is such a polished and sophisticated look-great for work or for a night out!  You can slowly add leather detail to your workwear and you will still look professional-trust us!
Are you still carrying a boring black hand-bag?  Why not make it your goal to try a different colored handbag this year?  Kyle has a terrific Kate Spade Snakeskin handbag in the photos above and you can see it looks fantastic and gives her look some visual interest.
Are you sticking to clothes you feel “safe” in? Are you still wearing Ralph Lauren cable knit sweaters because they’re considered “classic”? Are you still wearing matchy-matchy suits to works? We’re sorry to break it to you, and we want to help you….so if this sounds like you,  it’s time to mix things up!
Many of the “safe” and “classic” items we mentioned are outdated. Those trends can leave you feeling frumpy or dowdy….and most likely bored. Wearing suit separates and trends that work well with your personality and body type will leave you feeling excited and fresh. Going to work will feel special and your confidence will be at an all time high! Pops of color, leather detailing, flattering silhouettes and suit separates should be working your way into your wardrobe. So let’s hear your new goals! Leave them in the comments below.
PS – if you need some help making them, don’t hesitate to give us a call 😉
N.Year Back to Work Photo 5

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