Cosmetic Bag…Meet These 7 Fabulous Beauty Finds for Fall

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 Fall is here and if you have not already, it is time to switch up your make-up palette, nail polish colors and seasonal fragrance!   Here are few easy to apply and simple beauty products that we recommend that will leave you feeling illuminated and beautiful this fall season.  The Laura Mercier Illuminating Tinted Moisturizer is a fantastic bebe cream that will have you glowing for hours on end (don’t forget to the purchase the right brush to apply). We recently purchased and applied this rich, luxe nail polish color from Essie, called Stylenomics- and we are obsessed! It is that quintessential fall color that is dark, mysterious and sumptuous. At some point during the fall and winter lips may become chapped or dry. We rely on Aquaphor to keep our lips healthy and moisturized so that we can apply a supple coat of Marc Jacobs lipstick.  We all need a little shimmer on our lids, right?  Apply the smooth, shimmering Dior 5- Color eyeshadow as part of your easy breezy fall make-up look.  And of course the number one beauty product we can never leave the house without applying is the Extreme Party Mascara (the name alone makes us do a little dance before applying!) from Bobbi Brown-just an amazing product!  Your make-up is on, nails are looking gorg…just one last thing to do before you leave the house-a spritz of a fabulous frangrance!  Here is a KA tip: We suggest leaving your favorite perfume at the door and give yourself a spritz on the way out-we are just loving this delicious
Dolce & Gabbana fragrance…just perfect for fall!

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