Leaving On A Jet Plane

Untitled #47
Some of us travel for work and (hopefully) many of us get the chance to travel for fun. Don’t let the stress of traveling wreak havoc on your skin. We get that you want to be comfortable when squished between two strangers, but you do not need to sacrifice your style for comfort. Traveling in flats is essential, especially when passing through airport security. Easy accessibility is key when traveling. Today we are including some of the in flight essentials that the KA team brings when flying!  Entertainment is important for long flights so we pop some new magazines, an iPad, our phone, headphones and a travel pillow into our carry on tote! Typically your skin will become completely dry due to the lack of oxygen. Make sure to bring tissues, a water bottle, make up wipes and pressed powder. This eliminates oil from your skin and keeps your face from looking too dry. It goes without saying that some lipgloss and mints are the perfect items to freshen up upon landing. Preparation is key for longer flights to the Caribbean and Florida.
Buckle up and have a safe flight!

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