End of Summer Bucket List


Can you believe we are in the dog days of summer? We certainly can’t. But if we are channeling our inner Kyle Alexandra’s we will find ways to enjoy every. last. drop. So how do we do that? Well, for one thing! Get off your phone! And your computer. And just do. Go out there and LIVE! It is Friday after all. Today we’ve put together a delicious end of summer bucket list, that is so up your alley. Indulge, friends:

1. Buy fresh strawberries from the farmers market.
2. Jump in the ocean.
3. Eat a lobster in Cape Cod or Maine.
4. Buy ice cream from an ice cream truck.
5. Make lemonade from scratch (and spike it if you’re inclined,  because duh).
6. Take an outdoor nap under a shady tree on a blanket.
7. Go to a baseball game.
8. See an outdoor concert.
9. Play hooky mid-week to enjoy a beautiful day outside.
10. Drink a glass of rosé at an outdoor wine bar.
11. See an outdoor movie.
12. Eat a meal completely made from seasonal vegetables.
13. Play corn hole.
14. Go to a pool party.
15. Have friends over for Sunday lunch.

After all… August is sort of the Sunday of summer. xx


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