Weekend To-Dos


It’s the weekend and this week was seriously a doozy – right? Right! So we are throwing up some great ideas for YOU!

  1. Take some YOU time. Whether that means meditating, walking or spending time alone, take some time for YOU.
  2. Exercise. Don’t hate us for saying that, but it will clear your mind and make you feel empowered. It will have you going in the next week fresh.
  3. Watch a movie (or go to the movies). Escaping your own reality can be nice for an hour your two. Getting lost in your favorite rom-com might be just what you need.
  4. Eat out. We know it’s the winter and it’s cold and it’s way easier to stay in than go out, but GO OUT! Go enjoy yourself. Order a glass of wine and a delicious meal.
  5. Go get yourself a new top. In your favorite color. Wear it Monday. Trust us!

Whatever number you choose (we’re choosing a couple) – HAVE FUN! XO



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