Lighten Up For Spring

Untitled #55
As we prepare for the warmer temps, it’s time to put your winter coats back into the downstairs closet and pull out your light weight spring jackets. There are a few Spring staples that should be hanging in your closet. Having an assortment of spring outerwear is important and is essential in forming the kind of ‘look’ you are going for. The basic trench is absolutely essential for the rainy season. It should be double breasted and it should include a liner to keep you warm. The olive green safari jacket and navy blue anorak are great for the outdoors during the months of April and May. They are casual and trendy. Both the pink and white jacket are super chic. They go with everything from white jeans to spring dresses. And the colors are spot on. Keep it light for spring! If you live somewhere super cold, we suggest you purchase a collarless, pastel light wool coat!

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