Start At The Very Beginning

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Not to quote the Sound of Music, but let’s start at the very beginning. Shoes are one of the many fun purchases women get to make. Between flats, boots, heels, sandals and wedges, the cuts, colors and brands the possibilites are endless. As overwhelming as it can be, having that many options at our finger tips can help us find the right fit for our feet. But, as with everything, we need a solid base upon which to build. These are the six shoes that we think every women needs to build a solid shoe foundation. Once you have accumulated these six, you can add unique, fun shoes to your wardrobe. Usually we would include boots, but a working woman or a stay at home Mom needs to be comfortable on her feet while looking put together and some boots can come off as casual. So we will save that post for another day.
To start nude and black patent shoes are a must. Materials like suede and  leather can get tarnished and dirty very easily. To have your flats and pumps last longer we suggest you stick with patent. Having one of each in a pump and a heel is absolutely essential. Feel free to walk to the office in black patent flats and switch over to your black patent pumps, once you hit your desk! We also suggest you transition from black to nude during the spring and summer. Nude tends to work better with brighter, more vibrant colors. There are situations that arise where an all black ensemble or natural outfit need a little something. Thats where a colorful pump or metallic flat come in handy. They add just a little pop of color to keep the look modern, yet sophisticated. All the shoes featured here are from our favorite shoe supplier, Cole Haan. Cole Haan has partnered with Nike to create the most comfortable air technology, that you often find in  sneakers. So next time your giving a presentation at a board or PTA meeting, standing on your feet won’t feel so bad.

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