The Power Of The Purse

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Let’s face it ladies – we are never without our purse. For some of us it holds our entire life – cellphone, car keys, day planner, snacks, lipstick. The list is endless. While it’s essential to carry around some of these things everywhere we go, some of us are guilty of using the wrong bag depending on which event we may be going to. Or even worse – use the same bag for everything!
Follow our rubric for which bigs to bring to which events.
Running out to get a coffee or going to yoga?
Go with one: Wristlet
Going out to a dinner with your hubby or to the bar with your girlfriends?
Go with two for winter: Shoulder Bag
Go with three for summer: Wicker Clutch
Going to Nantucket or Cape Cod for a weekend getaway?
Go with four: Weekender
Do you have a wedding to attend?
Go with five: Special Event Clutch
Do you bring your computer, portfolio and a smattering of papers with you to work?
Go with six: Work Bag or Tote
Not sure which bag would be conducive to your everyday life?
Go with seven: Mid size purse. We just love this Kate Spade Carry- All.

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