Flirty & Fun

Untitled #125


How adorable is this look? Some events just ask for you to be a little playful, right? Like a springtime cocktail event or something with your best girls? The hot pink navy color combo is very classic, very pretty. Then add a flirty, front facing clutch – and you’re fun! It’s such a darling, one-of-a-kind look that we couldn’t help but share! XO

Easter Ensemble

Untitled #124
How adorable is this little outfit? Kyle knows best and she once taught me that all greens go together, so we love how this mint green and emerald green pair! And the accessories? We tried to steer clear of any hot pinks or corals and we went with a subtle nude/blush/pale pink touch. Plus those bows? We are swooning! Love it.
Regardless of how you’re spending your weekend, we hope you are surrounded by the people who love you. Thank YOU for your continued support. XO

Teal & Pink

Untitled #115
It’s January. It’s cold. And getting out of bed to get dressed in the morning isn’t exactly exciting. Staying under the covers sounds a letter better, right? So let’s make it easy! Tights! Check. Black boots! Check. A solid colored dress? Check! Easy – peasy right? Then adding accessories is a piece of cake. We started with a solid teal green foundation and decided to use a delicious pink raspberry color to compliment! We LOVE the idea of these pretty gardenia inspired hues together! XO

Coral Punch

Untitled #106


By this time in December you’re deeply entrenched in the holidays. And we are coming at you with another dressy ensemble that you can wear to either Christmas or New Years! Most people expect you to wear gold, red, green and sapphire. Mixed metals and holiday colors are the total norm! So why not throw people off with a coral punch? Gold pumps, a gold clutch and gold and coral necklace are the perfect glittery pieces for a holiday look, but how about a coral lip and delicious Kate Spade perfume to complete the look? XX

The Perfect Pout: Fall Edition

Untitled #84
In addition to cleaning and flipping your closet from summer to winter, it’s also essential to do the same to your beauty products. You’re skin type and skin tone change with the seasons and not every product should be used for both. We will share a beauty post on the transition next week, but we thought we’d start slow – with lipsticks of course! In the summer we assume you want to that sun kissed, glowy look, that sometimes feels impossible to achieve. Cue raspberry, coral and pale pink lipsticks. that flawless lip color goes well with a dewy complexion. In the winter? We go dark over here at Kyle Alexandra. Trying darker tones can be fun, without getting too experimental. We love a cranberry, scarlet, mauve or cherry tone! These dark colors look great with jewel tones and they bring out the pinks in your skin as it gets lighter. Try it! And let us know your favorites. XO

Cobalt & Scarlet

Untitled #82
You know us well enough to realize that red and blue are one of our favorite color combinations. And the saturation of both colors can change easily with the seasons! Pale blue and red are perfect for spring and summer (super nautical!) and cobalt and scarlet are a perfect pair for fall! We’ve put together a contemporary look that would work well for bat mitzvahs, weddings, showers – life celebrations of all sorts! But also – date night in the city. Trust us – you’ll get tons of compliments just for not wearing black! Color on color is so fun. XO

Step Into Fall

Untitled #78
Let’s start slow with all this fall talk, shall we? The difference between shopping for fall/winter and summer/spring is huge. Fall means pulling out jewel tones, flats, boots, cashmere, sweaters, coats! The list is endless, because you need all those layers we hate so much (don’t hate us for mentioning the L word in August). So we’re starting slow! Flats! We’re assuming some of you wear flats to work even now, but in the fall it’s fun to switch up your color scheme. Instead of coral or nude, try a navy blue or a yummy cognac. Pair these with sheath dresses, jeans, skirts and dress pants. They’re easy to wear instead of heels, traveling to the office! Or even on the weekends – getting your errands done! So step into fall with a brand new pair of flats! Your confidence will soar! XO