That Perfect Accent

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As women we can all agree that black is the perfect color. It’s hides everything! Every little nook and cranny that we’d prefer to look smooth and flawless hides within a shade of black. But when you wear black, you lose that punchy opportunity for color! And this season? Color is EVERYTHING. So we’re here to help you start bringing forth the color in creative ways. As you can see we really played on the complimentary colors of coral and lilac. If you’re going to go with a black dress, sunglasses, bag look for work – why not spice it up with a POP of color heels and coral lip. Super fun! XO

Color Crush

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Hello! Major color crush going on over here! Don’t you just love this bittersweet coral color cardigan paired with this DVF lilac purple dress? We are dying over this amazing ensemble. Throw in some nude and navy neutrals and it’s the quintessential spring work outfit! We know it may be hard to step out of your stockings into bare legs, but it really is finally time! Just pop on your nude trench for colder mornings and before you know it, you won’t even need a jacket.

Purse Perfection!

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Change of season means change of handbags ladies!

And oh-what-fun that sounds! Take that dark black bag you’ve been carrying around these cold months and put it back in the closet. It’s time to purchase a new purse perfect for warmer weather! Which means light or punchy colors and modern silhouettes! Personally, we love a pop of color bag. It will put that pip in your step when you go to work, attend the kids soccer game or go grocery shopping! We are loving Kate Spade neons, Michael Kors neutrals and Ted Baker pastels. Each brand has something fun, which means you will definitely find something that will fit your taste. When you officially change out your bag you will be ready for a new season, so don’t hesitate. Go grab yours today!

Dressed in Holiday Style

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There is a feeling of Christmas!
Don’t you think? Two very big holidays are on the horizon which may have you scrambling. Outfits, presents and invites making you anxious? Look no further for a little inspiration. Whether you are headed for an office holiday party or to a casual friendly gathering, it’s important to look your best. Today we have rounded up some gorgeous holiday dresses for you to admire. This is the time of year to bring out the best of the best! Don’t dissapoint.

Wedding Attire

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Summer is the season of weddings. Whether you are traveling to Cape Cod or the Bahamas, weddings will have you running to the local mall, only to leave in despair. Finding a great dress is hard! We suggest you stick to a color that makes your eyes pop! Saturated hues look best during the hotter months, because you already have a tan. If you are going for a bold color, stick to neutral accessories, like nude or silver heels and a simple clutch. You don’t want to overdo it! And if you’re dress has a higher neckline, it may be nice to add a ‘little something extra.’ A statement necklace is just darling with this dress. All that’s left to do after that – is dance! Have fun!

Happy First Day of Spring!

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It’s here! It’s here!
Can you hear us shouting from the rooftops? Spring has officially sprung and we are over the moon!
We’ve been talking a lot about spring! Between spring activities, new sweaters and work outfits, I think we are prepared for the change in season. Don’t you think? There is another thing to check off our list, however.  Spring handbags! No more black, cranberry or dark greens. We are ushering in warmer weather with bright pastels, metallics and navy! If you want to go the neutral route opt for a soft metallic, nude or ivory. If you want a punchy color stick with watermelon, powder blue or sunny yellow. They’ll match the sprouting tulips that we will hopefully see against our white picket fence in the next few weeks.
Happy Spring!