Thanksgiving Day

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Everyone celebrates the holiday differently, but that doesn’t mean sweatpants are appropriate. You may be attending an annual football game, a family party or a friendsgiving. You may be attending a parade or hosting a houseful. There are many ways to ring in this delicious day, so why not wear your best? We suggest a lovely fall color such as burgundy! But we are sure no matter what you wear you will enjoy yourself!

The Holiday Season

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Not long after Halloween ended on Friday, we began to see “holiday” commercials appear on television. Snowy settings, bright lights, mittens and love were the basis of many of the new holiday commercial campaigns that you will witness going forward – and there will be more of them in time. This is our favorite time of year! Holiday season has delicious smells, gorgeous colors and lots of parties! So today we are kicking off the next two months with an outfit that would go from work to night, no problem! Welcome to this wonderful time of year !