Jewel Tones

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It’s finally appropriate to break out your tights, your boots, your leather and your cashmere! That’s right – it’s October and it’s fall! A double whammy. Even though there will be cold days and warm days this month – it’s time to switch over your color palette. That means mint green, pale pink and baby blue can head towards the back of the closet. Incoming? Jewel tones! Emerald, ruby, sapphire – all the delicious jewels we would love to be wearing around our neck can easily be translated into our wardrobe. Look for chic pieces in the glamorous colors above! XO

Gift Giving

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We’ve talked a lot about the little back dress recently, so why not continue on the same path? This weekend we will welcome the second month of the year, February. And February means Valentine’s Day. And this romantic, loving holiday will be here before you know it! So we will be sharing gift giving ideas throughout the next couple of weeks.
Today’s wrap up includes gifts that pair perfectly with the LBD. A gorgeous watch, statement jewelry (we are loving fun rings right now), emerald earrings, a plum handbag or new red lipstick! So whether you’re gifting a girlfriend, mother, sister or you want to share this post with your significant other (wink,wink) every gift in this round up is the ideal Valentines present!

Statement Maker

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Do you know how in the last post we discussed simple ways to update an all black outfit? Adding a simple statement necklace or scarf is such an easy, affordable way to look polished and fashion-forward. So what qualifies as a statement necklace? Anything really! Mixed metals, colorful jewels or tasteful crystals will work with any outfit! Make sure you balance out your jewelry, however. If you opt to wear an embellished necklace, try to stick with a small stud earring and limit your bracelets. If you opt to wear a statement earring, feel free to wear dangly, demure necklaces or none at all. It’s a balance act!

Wrap It Up

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As we have said before, a scarf is a wonderful accessory that is often overlooked. Typically, we think of scarves as a wintertime layer. And they are, but it can also serve as a functional and fun accessory (especially if you love to wear black)! Today we are playing with prints, neutrals, color and plaid. The sky is the limit in terms of your scarf collection, which is why you should be on the look for them, often!

A Dynamic Duo

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We were recently at a mix and match session with a client ( a sessions where we pair all your new clothing with clothing from past seasons, to make additional ensembles) and this dynamic color duo really popped! Once again, looking to nature was quite easy and purple and yellow is everywhere. We styled this exact outfit for her, and we thought you may want to try it too! Simply pair a yellow sheath dress with a purple cardigan or throw on an outfit similar to this! It’s a very unlikely pairing, so you are sure to get some compliments.

The Power Of The Purse

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Let’s face it ladies – we are never without our purse. For some of us it holds our entire life – cellphone, car keys, day planner, snacks, lipstick. The list is endless. While it’s essential to carry around some of these things everywhere we go, some of us are guilty of using the wrong bag depending on which event we may be going to. Or even worse – use the same bag for everything!
Follow our rubric for which bigs to bring to which events.
Running out to get a coffee or going to yoga?
Go with one: Wristlet
Going out to a dinner with your hubby or to the bar with your girlfriends?
Go with two for winter: Shoulder Bag
Go with three for summer: Wicker Clutch
Going to Nantucket or Cape Cod for a weekend getaway?
Go with four: Weekender
Do you have a wedding to attend?
Go with five: Special Event Clutch
Do you bring your computer, portfolio and a smattering of papers with you to work?
Go with six: Work Bag or Tote
Not sure which bag would be conducive to your everyday life?
Go with seven: Mid size purse. We just love this Kate Spade Carry- All.