Sealed With A Kiss!

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This is a big week! Fashion month kicks off in New York City and Valentine’s Day falls on a Saturday. And with all this snow, we could all use a little something to look forward to? Are we right? Yes! Whether you plan on celebrating the holiday with dinner in a movie or on the town, dancing the night away, we have pulled our very favorite kiss-able lipstick colors! Lipstick colors tend to fall into different categories: nudes, reds, pinks/purples and oranges. And not all lipsticks are created equal! It’s important to choose a shade that accentuates¬†your skin tone. So if you are on the paler side, we suggest you opt for a hue that has blue undertones. A pretty pop of pink or scarlet red may be perfect for you! If you have olive tones in your complexion, you can opt for more of an orange hue! And if you aren’t a lipstick kind of gal, we MUST say that trying different shades can be oh-so-fun! You just have to find the courage to test them out. Happy Monday + stay warm!!

Gift Giving

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We’ve talked a lot about the little back dress recently, so why not continue on the same path? This weekend we will welcome the second month of the year, February. And February means Valentine’s Day. And this romantic, loving holiday will be here before you know it! So we will be sharing gift giving ideas throughout the next couple of weeks.
Today’s wrap up includes gifts that pair perfectly with the LBD. A gorgeous watch, statement jewelry (we are loving fun rings right now), emerald earrings, a plum handbag or new red lipstick! So whether you’re gifting a girlfriend, mother, sister or you want to share this post with your significant other (wink,wink) every gift in this round up is the ideal Valentines present!

Shades of Red

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The shades of lipstick we tend to wear are in the red/pink family. While we appreciate a nude lip, a pop of color is always a great idea.¬†Experimenting with the different shades of pink and red can be so much fun! Wearing an all black suit for a day at the office? Why not spice it up with a scarlet red color? Or simply pair a poppy pink hue with a dark green cashmere sweater. The options are endless. Plus, who said you can’t make lipstick an accessory? We endorse it!

All You Need Is Love… For You

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It’s always nice to give loved ones gifts on Valentine’s Day, but sometimes it’s also nice to treat yourself to a little trinket or two. After all, “to love oneself is the beginning of a lifelong romance.”
We have been oohing and aahing over these items for a while now and can’t wait to snag some up! Gold and pink seem to be a theme. This XOXO print would look just darling over the fire place, especially since we recently painted our living room a buttery Wyndham Cream (Benjamin Moore).
How perfect would that heart-shaped change purse be inside the nude Kate Spade tote? We are crushing on nude for spring! It’s always nice to splurge on a ¬†little treat such as a new candle, mini rose bud vase or lipstick. It’s the little things that make us feel special, right?
What we’re really hoping for is this Valentine’s Day is the Kate Spade bracelet watch (wink, wink, nudge, nudge). What about you?