Spring “It” On

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Yes! Bring on these ADORABLE, colorful spring bags! They will bring SO MUCH life to your closet! Don’t you think? Mix in these bags to your day-to-night wardrobe as your ultimate accessory. And they will work seamlessly into your summer wardrobe as well. Think: lights, brights and metallics! It’s just too late in the season to be using dark purple purses and brown leather satchels. Lets mix some color into your everyday life! Plus – it’s Monday, which is the perfect excuse for a midday “pick me up.” So get that bag you’ve had your eye on! You deserve it.

Coral & Navy Blue

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Getting dressed in the morning can be easier than you think. Oh stop it! I see you rolling your eyes over there. All you need are a few different color combinations that will make picking out your outfit easy peasy! We are constantly updating our favorite color schemes on the blog, so today we thought we’d go all out spring/summer combo! Yes – we are talking coral and navy blue! First, start with a base – the pants or skirt. We are opting for a casual ensemble so we went with white jeans. Then choose a bright color! Today we have coral on the brain and we opted to pair it with a sweater for those brisk nights. La-la-lovely!