Life Colorfully

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I think one of the hardest things some of our clients face, and many of the women we talk to, is color coordination. So we are here to break down the basics for you. We have even provided some examples so that you can compare them to your own closet. Last fall we discussed how to create the correct proportions. For example if you are wearing a fitted top try a flowy bottom. If you are wearing a flowy top, wear a fitted bottom. We are going to implement a similar theme to color coordination. If you wear a neutral bottom, such as black riding pants, grey or regular skinny jeans, try a punchy color on top! Colors like hot pink, coral, bright blues and greens, are all really popular for spring! We have simply paired a black flat with that ensemble to let the sweater speak for itself. Take a similar route with color on the bottom. Pair a colored skinny jean or pant with a neutral top, such as tan, black or grey. Add a metallic or nude flat to keep the look neutral but trendy.
We hope this helps! Let us know if you have any questions for us. You may just see the answer in our next post.

A Little Bit Of Tough Love

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Why would you succumb to the yoga pants-North Face fleece – Ugg boot frump trend, that Boston has embarssingly mastered, when you can wear something easily as comfortable and accessible on a day to day basis? We all have the basics. Yoga pants are meant for yoga, Ugg boots are meant for staying warm in your house and a North Face is necessary for gym outerwear. Other than those instances, however, the cliche ensemble is unacceptable to wear to the grocery store or to coffee with a girlfriend. We’re not trying to be mean! We are trying to help you out. You are better than this. If you feel confident in something more put together, your day is guaranteed to go well! So go invest in a pair of AG jeans, A solid colored sweater and a cute printed scarf! It will go a long way.