Sunny Days

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Due to this hot, sticky weather – we’re inspired! Yes – inspired to cool off. Preferably by the pool or at the beach. A quick dip would solve the case of frizzy hair and sticky skin we have going on – in no time flat! So today we’ve rounded up a cute little poolside look. Pop your favorite magazines in your pool bag, grab your sunnies and hit the pool deck! You’re sure to cool OFF! XO

Coral & Navy Blue

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Getting dressed in the morning can be easier than you think. Oh stop it! I see you rolling your eyes over there. All you need are a few different color combinations that will make picking out your outfit easy peasy! We are constantly updating our favorite color schemes on the blog, so today we thought we’d go all out spring/summer combo! Yes – we are talking coral and navy blue! First, start with a base – the pants or skirt. We are opting for a casual ensemble so we went with white jeans. Then choose a bright color! Today we have coral on the brain and we opted to pair it with a sweater for those brisk nights. La-la-lovely!

Statement Maker

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Do you know how in the last post we discussed simple ways to update an all black outfit? Adding a simple statement necklace or scarf is such an easy, affordable way to look polished and fashion-forward. So what qualifies as a statement necklace? Anything really! Mixed metals, colorful jewels or tasteful crystals will work with any outfit! Make sure you balance out your jewelry, however. If you opt to wear an embellished necklace, try to stick with a small stud earring and limit your bracelets. If you opt to wear a statement earring, feel free to wear dangly, demure necklaces or none at all. It’s a balance act!

Complete It!

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We’ve discussed closet basics before, but not like this! In the winter there are a couple different types of sweaters and tops that complete any outfit. They can transition from work to a Saturday running errands – effortlessly, but when purchasing outfit completers we suggest that you have two sets. That way you won’t confuse, lose or out-wear your clothing. Some classic work tops include cashmere v-neck sweaters, crew neck sweaters and turtlenecks. They complete a pants, a dress or a skirt outfit – how easy?! Today we’ve rounded up our favorite tops for the working woman. An ivory silk blouse. long sleeve shirt, sweater or jacket is the easiest way to wear multiple outfits with less pieces of clothing in your closet.

The Perfect Pair

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A classic color combination is navy and hot pink. It’s a quintessential summer combination that will have you going from the office to dinner at the golf club quite easily. Whether you pair your navy mini pants with a hot pink cardigan or dress up a sheath with a navy cardigan, you are sure to look well put together. We love to see this combination get dressed up or dressed down. It’s smart, sophisticated and super adorable.

Pink & Blue, We Love You

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There are many different color combinations that make us happy ,here at Kyle Alexandra, but blue and pink is one of our favorites. Although you can mix different shades of each, we particularly love this hot pink and aqua pairing. Don’t you just feel happy looking at it?  It is such a beautiful day today! Make sure to take a nice walk outside with the family or pop out of the office for a quick refresh. Enjoy the sunshine and breath in the clear air. The warmer days have finally arrived!