Colors of the Season

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How delicious are the colors in this ensemble? Cranberry, creamy leather, black accents? It’s all very put together in an easy way. Don’t you think? This is the PERFECT outfit for Thanksgiving, a fall outing, a casual Friday, dinner with a friend. it’s that perfect balance of cute and casual that will make your life super easy! XO

Five for Fall

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How amazing and DIFFERENT are each and every one of these skirts that we have rounded up for some fall inspiration? We have three shorter A-line skirts! One – leather that would pair well with a turtleneck or blouse. It looks super expensive and chic! Two – a kelly green color that is a statement on it’s own! Pair it with all black for a pop of color. And three – a classic black skater version that would pair well with tights later on this season, but you can wear with heels and a blouse now! The other two are perfect for the transition from office to evening wear. They pair with any type of blouse, button up or turtleneck – so you are able to go with any type of “look” you’re feeling. Versatility is key, my friends! XO

New Neccesities

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 If you’ve noticed – the weather is slowly, but surely, changing. The sun and humidity are still present, but that delicious fall wind has started up. The one that causes a slight chill when you’re standing in the shade. So it may be time to start cracking’ on your fall wardrobe and we’re here to say that it’s okay to start thinking about the fall trends you see in the collage above! That’s right – green scarves, leopard pattern flats classic black boots, tasteful leather pieces, cozy sweaters and wine colored bags are IN! IN – IN – IN! So don’t feel bad when you feel yourself wanting everything featured. It’s just about that time to purchase a few new necessities!! XO

Just So Special!

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Wowza! It sure is cold out there.
And it’s also Friday! We are so excited to cuddle up by the fire tonight after a fun week of shopping and styling. Aren’t you? Today we wanted to share some jacket inspiration with you. We’ve talked before about the different types of coats and jackets you need (for different seasons and events), but todays post is about specialty items! Wearing the same coat over and over and over in the winter can be bland and boring. Sometimes it’s fun to jazz it up! Dress it up! Wear a little color, leather or pattern! What do you say? Would you try it?

Winter White

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We know you’ve probably heard the saying: “Never wear white after Labor Day.” In some cases this quote rings true still today, but the Kyle Alexandra team highly endorses crisp winter white. That means you can wear delicate cream scarves, luxe stoles and coats, white woolen pants or crystal white baubles. The examples above are all gorgeous choices. And they all happen to be perfect for the holidays! Tell us – how do you wear winter white?

Cobalt Craze

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You hear us talk about jewel tones often, but highlighting one specific jewel tone at a time may be to your benefit. A color palette can be extremely subjective and, at times, hard to create. There are hundreds of shades of blue, so today we are highlighting this beautiful color: cobalt! It resembles sapphire and is extremely saturated. And just like most things: there is a right and wrong way to do cobalt. Rock this pretty blue by wearing a slouchy sweater, snood scarf, aviator sunglasses or even a swing skirt! Do not try to wear cobalt in a leather jacket, pair of tights or severe eye shadow. What are you waiting for? Go grab some cobalt!

Feelin’ Trendy

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To ensure that you are ready for snow, holiday parties and wine club, we are bringing you a recommended round up of trends. Trends that will last you through the season. Trends that will leave you appropriately dressed and comfortable. Trends that we talk about often. So without further adieu, here are 8 products that we suggest you invest in for the coming months:
1. Fancy Party Dress
2. Tights
3. Cashmere sweater
4. Leather skirt
5. Jewel Tone Bag
6. Statement Necklace
7. Red Hot Lip
8. Weather Appropriate Boots
Do you have any additional recommendations? We would love to hear!