A Scarf is to a Woman What a Necktie is to a Man….

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Scarves are so much fun this season! They can instantly change the appearance of an outfit. For example the skinny jeans and black cashmere  sweater outfit is fine but add a scarf and it’s divine. Heading out for a weekend tailgate? Go with plaid. Feeling frisky? Add some animal print. Need a pop of color? Go with a solid red hue.  Big presentation for work? Opt for for something a little more conservative, yet still fun. There are so many options you really can’t go wrong. It’s almost as if each one represents a mood. One might choose a neutral on a relaxing Sunday while they head out for a mani pedi. And one might choose a fun patterned print (like #3) for drinks with the girls or a date night. The possibilities are endless. Just as statement necklaces were to spring, scarves are the ideal fall accessory.  No need for a necklace with a fabulous scarf-just add some blingy stud earrings (like these) and you are ready to go!