Teal & Coral

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We all need wash and wear in our life. You know – the kind of clothes that can take you from the soccer field to dinner with your family. They can go through the wash (not the dry cleaner thank god). They can leave you feeling confident, casual, cute and put together!     So why not make sure you pop in some color? A teal and coral combo is SO cute! Take some inspo from this post for your next spring shopping spree. XO

That Perfect Accent

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As women we can all agree that black is the perfect color. It’s hides everything! Every little nook and cranny that we’d prefer to look smooth and flawless hides within a shade of black. But when you wear black, you lose that punchy opportunity for color! And this season? Color is EVERYTHING. So we’re here to help you start bringing forth the color in creative ways. As you can see we really played on the complimentary colors of coral and lilac. If you’re going to go with a black dress, sunglasses, bag look for work – why not spice it up with a POP of color heels and coral lip. Super fun! XO

Flirty & Fun

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How adorable is this look? Some events just ask for you to be a little playful, right? Like a springtime cocktail event or something with your best girls? The hot pink navy color combo is very classic, very pretty. Then add a flirty, front facing clutch – and you’re fun! It’s such a darling, one-of-a-kind look that we couldn’t help but share! XO

Easter Ensemble

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How adorable is this little outfit? Kyle knows best and she once taught me that all greens go together, so we love how this mint green and emerald green pair! And the accessories? We tried to steer clear of any hot pinks or corals and we went with a subtle nude/blush/pale pink touch. Plus those bows? We are swooning! Love it.
Regardless of how you’re spending your weekend, we hope you are surrounded by the people who love you. Thank YOU for your continued support. XO

Earring Events

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One of the simplest ways to dress up an outfit, is with a delicate earring – and Kate Spade has one for every occasion (we swear)! So today we’ve rounded up some of our very favorites. We chose a classic pearl and crystal stud for an event like Easter mass or meeting a mother-in-law. We chose adorable popsicles for a whimsical Summer day by the ocean. We chose a pale blue drop earring that would pair well with an evening or cocktail dress (summer weddings are on the horizon!). Day to day we opt for an opal or pale pink – to ensure that every outfit pairs well. And for a dance party? fiesta? Or overall good time? Bling it out – with the confetti earrings. Xx

Black Out

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Instead of the white out – winter storm this weekend, we are taking things dark. As in all black everything. We know this look isn’t new and a lot of women love an all black ensemble. And if were being honest, we think you look really good in color. But the time to bust out your all black look is here and now – in the dead cold of winter! Enjoy! XO

Pale Pink

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How lovely and lady-like is this all around look? Pale pink is such a classic color and when paired with black, it has a sort of Audrey Hepburn appeal in a way. Don’t you think? The pink accented by black accessories, pearls and dark red lipstick would look appropriate and  put together on a woman any age. Plus – it works for the office, a special engagement or a fancy dinner out. XO

Teal & Pink

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It’s January. It’s cold. And getting out of bed to get dressed in the morning isn’t exactly exciting. Staying under the covers sounds a letter better, right? So let’s make it easy! Tights! Check. Black boots! Check. A solid colored dress? Check! Easy – peasy right? Then adding accessories is a piece of cake. We started with a solid teal green foundation and decided to use a delicious pink raspberry color to compliment! We LOVE the idea of these pretty gardenia inspired hues together! XO

First Day Back

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If you haven’t returned to work since before Christmas (and you don’t plan on doing so until Monday, January 4th) – this post is probably for you. You’re going to walk into the office next Monday – new year, people discussing their new goals and you’ll probably want to feel like you too have a little extra pep in your step! So why not wear something that does that? We love how calming this pink is. By making it the star in your first outfit back to work – you’ll make a statement. So put good intention into the atmosphere and start 2016 on the right foot. XO

Bling, Bling!

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Bling, bling! Your favorite baubles are here for New Year’s! We love that New Years is such a fun holiday full of glittery goodness. Why not spice up an all black ensemble with some baubles? We are featuring five pretty different types of necklaces – a pop of color green necklace, a classic pearl necklace, two diamond/jeweled necklaces and a simple diamond drop necklace. All simple, gorgeous and appropriate for your night on the town! XO