A Little Bit of Sass

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When I first started working for Kyle I thought I had style, but the more I started to understand clothes and colors and textures and fabrics, the better I got. She has a way with making an outfit look classic, but still ┬ábit sassy. Take this ensemble for instance! Black pants, black boots and a simple striped tee is the ultimate casually cool look, but add a fur vest and you’re chic and sassy side just came out! And talk about the perfect piece for winter! XO

Summer Wind

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Can you believe it’s already August? Summertime is flying by fast. So fast, in fact, that fall clothing and trends have started to pop up in stores! Radiant orchid, leather and jewel tones have begun to scatter the walls of our favorite places, including JCrew, Kate Spade and Nordstrom! Can you believe it? So we thought we would send you a little reminder to enjoy the rest of the summer! You heard us. Wear your best whites, rock your favorite florals and wear your pops of punchy orange. Now is the time to enjoy your favorite bright colors, because the summer days are numbered!

Lighten Up For Spring

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As we prepare for the warmer temps, it’s time to put your winter coats back into the downstairs closet and pull out your light weight spring jackets. There are a few Spring staples that should be hanging in your closet. Having an assortment of spring outerwear is important and is essential in forming the kind of ‘look’ you are going for. The basic trench is absolutely essential for the rainy season. It should be double breasted and it should include a liner to keep you warm. The olive green safari jacket and navy blue anorak are great for the outdoors during the months of April and May. They are casual and trendy. Both the pink and white jacket are super chic. They go with everything from white jeans to spring dresses. And the colors are spot on. Keep it light for spring! If you live somewhere super cold, we suggest you purchase a collarless, pastel light wool coat!

Falling for Fur

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It’s all about outerwear this week on the Kyle Alexandra Blog! The KA Team is absolutley falling for fur this winter season, so today we are showing you how to style the glamorous fur vest.We understand you may be a tad apprehensive when considering a fur vest, but you just have to learn how to wear one. We suggest that you do not pair one with a skirt but instead opt for black riding pants, dark skinny jeans or colored cords. By combining a complimentary colored long sleeve shirt underneath the fur vest you are creating the perfectly proportioned outfit. Extra pattern or texture will be too much fuss. The fur vest is a quintessential statement piece that exudes confidence!