Comfortable & Cute

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Now that we’ve at least acknowledged that fall is on the horizon, it might be pertinent to start creating some inspiration boards. That way when you go to purchase a few newbies for your fall wardrobe you’re not scrambling to figure out whats “in.” Now, we encourage you to follow trends that you like – but realize that the trend needs to fit your body type and is in your budget. You see, trends come and go! Something like a burgundy colored skinny jean has been “in” for the past few fall seasons – so they’re rewardable! Worth an investment. Something like the adorable tie up flats – featured here – may be “out” next season, which means if you want to try them out – purchase them at an Ann Taylor or outlet store! Just a few tips as we head into the fall season ūüėČ XO

Suit Up

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In the 90’s we became accustomed to the “power suit” – the suit that was head-to-toe, 9-5, Ann Taylor chic. Yes, we are talking about the one colored suit (that may have had shoulder pads) and was really one of the only options for women in the workforce. Fast forward to 2015 and the options have completely shifted! Thank god! Now women should be turning to separates, to color, to flattering silhouettes! And we are here to help you figure out what that means. Today we paired a structured Tory Burch blazer with a leather pencil skit and a structured handbag. Its a little bit sweet and a little bit sassy! Love!

Winter White

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We know you’ve probably heard the saying: “Never wear white after Labor Day.” In some cases this quote rings true still today, but the Kyle Alexandra team highly endorses crisp winter white. That means you can wear delicate¬†cream scarves, luxe stoles and coats, white woolen pants or crystal white baubles. The examples above are all gorgeous choices. And they all happen to be perfect for the holidays! Tell us – how do you wear winter white?

Cobalt Craze

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You hear us talk about jewel tones often, but highlighting one specific jewel tone at a time may be to your benefit. A color palette can be extremely subjective and, at times, hard to create. There are hundreds of shades of blue, so today we are highlighting this beautiful color: cobalt! It resembles sapphire and is extremely saturated. And just like most things: there is a right and wrong way to do cobalt. Rock this pretty blue by wearing a slouchy sweater, snood scarf, aviator sunglasses or even a swing skirt! Do not try to wear cobalt in a leather jacket, pair of tights or severe eye shadow. What are you waiting for? Go grab some cobalt!

Leather Love

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Thankfully one of the biggest trends for fall 2014 is leather. We really grew accustomed to the idea of leather, last fall, when we purchased a few key pieces. We love dresses and skirts with laser-cut leather details and intricate leather designs. Now, we must warn you: there is a right and wrong way to do leather. To slowly add leather to your wardrobe, start with the basics. Black leather bags, buttery leather jackets, or cognac leather belts are neutrals. In order to step out of your comfort zone purchase “leather in details.” Banana Republic has all sorts of blouses with shoulder embellishments, which means it’s still appropriate for the office and totally fashion forward!