Color Moment: Blush

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Introducing a new series on the Kyle Alexandra blog! We already wrote a post on this years Pantone colors (a soft pink and pale blue), and now we are seeing both colors dominate the runways for both spring and fall! So today we rounded up some of our favorite structured purses in that pale pink blush tone that no one can resist. It’s almost so neutral that it could go with anyone! Right? Swoon! Xo

Sizzling Satchels

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A woman’s purse is her best friend. Don’t even try and argue with us. It holds our ENTIRE lives – lipgloss, wallet, tissues, makeup, phone, iPad. What would we do without it? Thats why we suggest you invest in a purse that will last an entire season (or two). And today we are sharing some of our favorites. Because women tend to wear dark neutrals and rich jewel tones come winter and fall – we like their bags to POP! Yes – pop! It’s such a polished final touch to a professional look! So go ahead – indulge in a merlot, teal, mauve or sage colored satchel. XO

Sealed With A Kiss!

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Summer is a great season to try out different lip colors. You’re skin is (hopefully) sun kissed – meaning that their is less foundation and blush to worry about. All you need is a bit of tinted moisturizer, mascara and a pop of color lipstick! We adore three different lip colors – pinks, corals and red. The darker color red can be a little much at times – so try and pair it with a simple ensemble. We are currently coveting corals, however – they go with any tan! Pinks are the instant fall back color. They tend to pair with any outfit and are appropriate for most events. Pucker up! XOXO

Purse Perfection!

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Change of season means change of handbags ladies!

And oh-what-fun that sounds! Take that dark black bag you’ve been carrying around these cold months and put it back in the closet. It’s time to purchase a new purse perfect for warmer weather! Which means light or punchy colors and modern silhouettes! Personally, we love a pop of color bag. It will put that pip in your step when you go to work, attend the kids soccer game or go grocery shopping! We are loving Kate Spade neons, Michael Kors neutrals and Ted Baker pastels. Each brand has something fun, which means you will definitely find something that will fit your taste. When you officially change out your bag you will be ready for a new season, so don’t hesitate. Go grab yours today!

Gift Guide: For The Guys

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Still searching for the perfect present? We have you covered!
Whether the man in your life prefers a sweet pair of shades or deserves a wardrobe update,we have the ideal gift guide for your Valentine! It’s hard to shop for men: admit it! They don’t fawn over a new necklace or obsess over pumps, like us gals do, so let’s go back to the basics. When we say basics, we’re talking about tech gadgets, accessories, zip-ups and bags. Men don’t always know when to splurge on themselves. They tend to stick to what they’ve always known. It’s your job to spruce them up! So go ahead – and make them smile with something they need AND they want.

Sealed With A Kiss!

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This is a big week! Fashion month kicks off in New York City and Valentine’s Day falls on a Saturday. And with all this snow, we could all use a little something to look forward to? Are we right? Yes! Whether you plan on celebrating the holiday with dinner in a movie or on the town, dancing the night away, we have pulled our very favorite kiss-able lipstick colors! Lipstick colors tend to fall into different categories: nudes, reds, pinks/purples and oranges. And not all lipsticks are created equal! It’s important to choose a shade that accentuates¬†your skin tone. So if you are on the paler side, we suggest you opt for a hue that has blue undertones. A pretty pop of pink or scarlet red may be perfect for you! If you have olive tones in your complexion, you can opt for more of an orange hue! And if you aren’t a lipstick kind of gal, we MUST say that trying different shades can be oh-so-fun! You just have to find the courage to test them out. Happy Monday + stay warm!!

Under the Mistletoe

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There is something to be said about a hot red lip!
Glamour girls like Taylor Swift, Madonna and Brooke Shields love a red lip. It trendy, glamorous and will take you from day to night with the swipe of a scarlet shade. There are so many different types of red to choose from, so be careful! If you tend to have fairer skin stay ¬†away from reds with yellow undertones. If you tend to have darker skin – why not rock a reddish, brown color? So this holiday season – rock it! You won’t be sorry you tried it!