Wedding Attire

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Summer is the season of weddings. Whether you are traveling to Cape Cod or the Bahamas, weddings will have you running to the local mall, only to leave in despair. Finding a great dress is hard! We suggest you stick to a color that makes your eyes pop! Saturated hues look best during the hotter months, because you already have a tan. If you are going for a bold color, stick to neutral accessories, like nude or silver heels and a simple clutch. You don’t want to overdo it! And if you’re dress has a higher neckline, it may be nice to add a ‘little something extra.’ A statement necklace is just darling with this dress. All that’s left to do after that – is dance! Have fun!

On Safari

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We have to say that army green tends to remind us of the fall, but when you pair it with poppy orange and glimmering gold it is hot, hot, hot! This outfit of the day certainly has “Tory Burch on safari” vibes and we are so onboard. A neutral, all white ensemble is very crisp and is fun to add color to. And a little green anorak is perfect for those windy summer days, where you need a little something extra! Stay dry!

The Prettiest Polishes

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We love to switch up our nail color in the summer, here at Kyle Alexandra. Poppy reds, radiant purples, pretty pinks and delicate blush colors are on our radar, this month. Since we have past the fourth, you can begin to experiment with different tones, instead of sticking with a festive, signature red.We suggest a radiant orchid or blush pink to show off your summer tan or a bold hot fuchsia for a statement look. Whatever you choose, it is sure to look smashing!
Some of our favorite Essie shades include:
+ Mademoiselle
+ Ballet Slipper
+ Madison Ave
+ Bottle Service
+ Miami Nice
+ Long Stem Roses
+ Too Too Hot
+ Cute As A  Button
+ First Dance
Print this blog post and bring it to your next appointment for helpful tips.

Happy National Pink Day!

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Happy National Pink Day!
Every June 23rd (who knew) people across the US celebrate #NationalPinkDay!  And, we can confidently say that the Kyle Alexandra Team is pro-pink ANYTHING. We wear pink baubles and ensembles, we eat pink cake and ice cream, we toast with pink champagne and we enjoy freshly, cut pink peonies. Pink is such a warm,feminine and loving color. So wherever you are, whatever you’re doing, think pink, wear pink, eat pink and celebrate!

A Dynamic Duo

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We were recently at a mix and match session with a client ( a sessions where we pair all your new clothing with clothing from past seasons, to make additional ensembles) and this dynamic color duo really popped! Once again, looking to nature was quite easy and purple and yellow is everywhere. We styled this exact outfit for her, and we thought you may want to try it too! Simply pair a yellow sheath dress with a purple cardigan or throw on an outfit similar to this! It’s a very unlikely pairing, so you are sure to get some compliments.

A Sunny Pairing

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As previously stated, we are constantly looking to nature for outfit coordination inspiration. Some of our favorite flowers have turned into the most gorgeous color combinations. It’s so fun to see the multi-color flowers popping up against the lush grass. This past weekend we saw some yellow daffodils and we were instantly inspired. Now we must warn you that different shades of yellow don’t go with every skin tone, but this sunny yellow is just perfect. Add some fun navy and blue accessories like a Kate Spade tote and fun baubles to pull the whole look together. Paint your nails a poppy pink. It just gives it a little something extra, don’t you think?

Flower Freshness

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Roses, violets, daffodils, tulips, peonies and more! We love, love, love fresh flowers in the office! It makes the room all the more cheerful. Don’t you agree? Today we are looking to nature for inspiration, specifically pansy’s, iris’ and green grass to create a fresh look. And with the Derby coming up, it’s time to start thinking about some bold color dresses!
Have a great Wednesday!

Happy St. Patricks Day!

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Happy St. Patricks Day!
We love this holiday so today we are putting together an outfit of the day thats green and gorgeous. Who doesn’t love a day to celebrate, well, anything? We are incorporating some bold spring colors like rich purples, pale pink and lush greens. When you are wearing a statement necklace, like the one above, try to pair it with smaller studs. You don’t want to go overboard with accessories. Let the necklace speak for itself.
Today we are letting you in on a style secret (aren’t you lucky)! All greens go together. Yes I repeat: all greens go together. Can you believe it? Trust us – every shade and hue of green pair together! So break out your green dress and green cardigan, pair them with black tights and black pumps and throw on a statement earring or necklace and you will be good to go!
We hope you have a lucky Monday!
-The Kyle Alexandra team

Splendid Spring

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Spring is a mere three weeks away and we are “springing forward” this weekend! How exciting is that? Just as we did in January, we came up with six new things to do during springtime. Pretty soon our days will go from dark and grey to beautiful and colorful. And if you’ve been reading our blog it’s pretty obvious that we can’t wait!
Pick fresh flowers to liven up your home! Peonies, tulips, daffodils and hyacynth are the perfect flowers for springtime. Purchase a few different types and arrange them all around your house. You’ll be feeling springy in no time!
Go on a picnic! Once the snow melts away it’s so nice to get outside and go for a walk. Breathing in the springtime air is so refreshing! Pick up an adorable picnic basket (like this Kate Spade New York one), make a few sandwiches and enjoy the change in season.
Spring cleaning! We have all been cooped up this winter. Between the snow storms and the freezing temps, sitting by the fire is an every day occurrence. In a couple of weeks we will be able to open the windows, break out the broom and get to work! Brush out the cobwebs and the staleness of winter and let the season of new beginnings in.
Change up your wardrobe.  It’s about that time again! Although you can wear sweaters well into May, it’s time to move all of your bright colors to the front of your closet. Pinks, blues and purples are your new best friends.
Changing your outerwear is a part of changing your wardrobe. The number one new spring piece you need is a classic trench coat. Michael Kors and Burberry have great options. Make sure they come with a liner to keep you warm.
Get a pedicure! You will be breaking out your sandals and peep toes pretty soon which means it’s time for a fresh polish change on your toes. Go with a bright pink like the one we have featured here.

Perfectly Polished for Spring

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Top Row (L to R)
Under the Twilight | Avenue Maintain | Find Me An Oasis | Mint Candy Apple | Vested Interest
Bottom Row (L to R)
Baby’s Breath|  Neon | Bottle Service | Twin Sweater Set | Resort Fling
The changing of seasons means the changing of nail color! There are so many delicious , spring nail colors from Essie that we can’t contain our excitement. We want to wear mint, coral, hot pink and blush all at the same time! But, we know we can’t. So we will settle for changing up our nail polish every so often so that we can try every color Essie has to offer us this season. Print out this post and bring it to your next nail appointment in order to join us! Don’t you want to be perfectly polished for spring?