Casual Cheers

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Last week we showed you how to style a fancy outfit for a New Years cocktail party and today we are showing you a casual ensemble. This look is very neutral with pops of metallic gold. Of course you can opt for silver, but we think gold is a little more fun! Don’t you? The shoes, clutch and statement necklace tie the outfit together for a quintessential New Years look. Happy (almost) 2015!

Complete It!

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We’ve discussed closet basics before, but not like this! In the winter there are a couple different types of sweaters and tops that complete any outfit. They can transition from work to a Saturday running errands – effortlessly, but when purchasing outfit completers we suggest that you have two sets. That way you won’t confuse, lose or out-wear your clothing. Some classic work tops include cashmere v-neck sweaters, crew neck sweaters and turtlenecks. They complete a pants, a dress or a skirt outfit – how easy?! Today we’ve rounded up our favorite tops for the working woman. An ivory silk blouse. long sleeve shirt, sweater or jacket is the easiest way to wear multiple outfits with less pieces of clothing in your closet.

Pink & Blue, We Love You

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There are many different color combinations that make us happy ,here at Kyle Alexandra, but blue and pink is one of our favorites. Although you can mix different shades of each, we particularly love this hot pink and aqua pairing. Don’t you just feel happy looking at it?  It is such a beautiful day today! Make sure to take a nice walk outside with the family or pop out of the office for a quick refresh. Enjoy the sunshine and breath in the clear air. The warmer days have finally arrived!