Summer BrEAZE

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You know whats easy about summer? Dresses. Yes – we hear you grumbling or looking at us with one eyebrow raised. But dresses are easy to slip on, add a cardigan and either flats or wedges too and off you go! How simple? One of the first things we recommend to clients on-the-go are wash and wear, knit dresses from places like Banana Republic, LOFT, Old Navy and Nordstrom. The silhouettes are flattering and the colors are perfect for summer! And if you haven’t invested in some lightweight knit cardigans for summer – we suggest you do! Cashmere and wool just aren’t going to be your friend in these summer temps!

Sunny Daydreams

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We are having SO many summer daydreams over here in the Kyle Alexandra offices. Are you? We are sure some of you are headed off on mini tropical vacations or short stints to Florida, so we decided to create an inspiration board of our favorite beach or pool day essentials. You can never lay in the sun for hours without the latest issue of Vogue, water, sunscreen, lipstick, sunnies and a sun hat. This wrap up includes all the essentials you’ll need for your next hot, hot getaway!
Think warm thoughts! Tomorrow is the first day of spring!