Coral & Powder Blue

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Have you ever seen a color combination that seemed a little out there? You weren’t sure of? But you know for some reason it worked? Well, we’ve always felt that way about powder blue and coral. It’s an odd combo, but it pairs well! Since we’re well into our first week of August, we highly suggest you whip out your cream and white lace (while you still can). While we tend to stray from the “no white after labor day”rule more and more every year, lace is a whole different topic. The combination screams spring and summer, not fall or winter. So basically the white, lace, coral, powder blue look is your go-to this weekend! XO

Falling For…

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We are absolutely – positively – head – over – heels. But it’s not for someone, it’s for someTHING. That something so happens to be: slipper flats! Although slipper flats originally became popular with the Tory Burch Reva flat (adoringly named after her late mother), they are having a serious moment. Although we can’t help but love a simple black pair to wear with a fun party dress, many new slipper flats have sparkles, jewels, designs – even kittens! And you know how much we love kittens! Which type would you wear?