Button Detail

Who doesn’t love a darling detail? We love, love, love some fringe, a bow, a red accent and today we have a weird obsession to tell you about: the button. It can be found anywhere! From the back-to-the-front of dresses and skirts. On the prettiest of white blouses. On the cuffs of shirts. On side bags and high-waisted jeans. It’s such a beautiful, distinct and often-overlooked detail and today we just couldn’t help but find some special examples. xx

And Ode to the White Blouse


It’s the weekend! Meaning: casual attire is everything. Recently, we have seen the classic white button down blouse (in many different shapes and forms) absolutely everywhere. Under jackets, tucked into skirts, worn as a longer pieces, tied, under sweaters, over shells. There are so very, many ways to wear a piece that has been around for decades, that today we wanted to inspire you with it. This is the perfect weekend piece—so tomorrow we think it may be necessary to wear to our weekly manicure appointment. You too? Cool.

Thanksgiving Tablescapes


Thanksgiving (one of absolute favorite holidays) is a just a few weeks away! A time to come together and give thanks for your loved ones, your delicious meal and so much more. While Thanksgiving has some similar color schemes to Christmas, you definitely want it to be unique. It’s its own holiday and deserves to be treated as such. Here are a few ideas we are LOVING for a T-giving tables cape. Gold leaf and splatter details, luscious greenery and grape-tone colors, pinecones, white pumpkins. These details feel demure and classic. Very put together. We hope you have fun thinking of how you’ll dress your table! xx

Just Do It

Screen Shot 2016-11-04 at 2.06.35 PM.png

We are sharing this bad boy today because we are just a few days away from the end of a very overwhelming election season. It’s been a tough one. Worse than ever. With the media and the October shock(s) and debates. So let’s take a minute to inhale some courage and exhale all the fear. It’s a great practice to get into. It will make you feel lighter. We promise. xx

Central Park in the Fall


I know we typically implore you to take your next vacation somewhere hot. But today we are saying, why not go somewhere low key, with faster transportation opportunity and a little bit of character? We’re talking NYC baby. It’s the perfect place to pop to during the holiday season. Rockefeller center skating? The tree. OH the tree. Broadway. Delicious restaurants. So much fun! And of course? Central Park. Central Park in the fall is just flat out dreamy. Take a horse drawn carriage through the park and end up at the Plaza for champagne (with a bestie, your mom or your beau). It’s festive, it’s fun, it’s fall. Embrace it! xx

The Perfect Wave


Let’s talk holiday season because we’re at the beginning of it and it can seem a bit daunting. Yes? Yes. There are decorations to be set up, dresses to be bought, hair to be styled, parties to attend (and lot’s of food to eat). The list goes on and on and on (in the best way possible. So let’s take it one day at a time, one topic at a time. Hair can be a tad bit overwhelming. Updos? Half up, half down dos? Curls? Waves? Straight? SO many options. And depending on if you are wearing an open back dress, a sparkly top or a some type of elegant drop earring, you’re hairstyle can make a big difference. We know women love to wear their hair down. So why not opt for a wavy texture to go with your holiday dress? Something about this look is sexy and pretty and perfect (without trying to hard). So next time you’re at Drybar, ask for a little wave. It will look darling. xx

Taking You Into The Weekend



Happy Friday!

The weekend is finally upon us. We hope you have plans to go apple picking, watch a soccer game, indulge at a beer garden, or walk around the city. Fall is the perfect season, don’t you think? The smells, the activities, the comfort = it’s blissful! We are sharing a little weekend inspiration with you today. Get out there and live! Don’t spend your weekend picking up dry cleaning, going grocery shopping and cleaning the house. Yes, all of these things needs to get done, but also remember that these are two full days that you can enjoy doing things you love. So we encourage you to go LIVE! xx

Halloween The Right Way


Halloween is a great holiday (especially if you have children)! The candy, the scary movies, the trick-or-treating is festive and fun. However, Halloween can be a little tricky to navigate when you want to decorate and celebrate, without spending too much money. And turning your home into a haunted house can be a little daunting. So let’s stick to something simple, shall we? We love details, at Kyle Alexandra. Splurge for the larger chocolate bars, hang dainty orange and back ornaments, buy only white pumpkins for an elegant centerpiece and get creative with how you serve your food! This holiday doesn’t have to be a big one. Make it one you’ll enjoy. xx

French Girl Chic


And while we are dreaming of the French countryside, we are also providing some fashion inspiration for when you do book those tickets abroad. There is something about red that screams Parisian fashion. A red beret, a red bag, a red printed dress, a red scarf. It’s all so glamorous and effortless. The Parisian way. There is never not a season to rock some French flair, so today we’ve rounded up some great examples. Is that red bag in the back of your closet collecting dust because you’re not sure about how bright it is? We encourage you to test it out! Red is a great fall color. You’ll receive lots of compliments. We promise! And what about that black silk scarf in your top drawer? Why not tie around your neck to add a little something to that LBD? Date night? Work? These ideas work for it all. Have some fun! xx

Dreaming Of…


The French countryside!


Just look at those window boxes and quaint nooks and crannies. Oh do we love that country. We are opting to send you into your Thursday afternoon with someone LOVELY travel inspiration. We know, we know. France is a big trip, but maybe it will get you thinking about taking one! It’s probably been a while. And we know the holidays are coming up, so why not start planning for an early spring vacation? Something to get you out of your winter slump. France is the perfect spot! Paris, Cannes? You get the best of both worlds with both a city and beautiful countryside. Just think about it! xx