Comparison Isn’t Cute

It’s been a long week (and it was only 4 days)! How does that happen? It’s September. It’s that whole getting back into the swing of things, situation. September is sort of that fake new year. And we’re here to remind you that it’s really easy to start a new year on the wrong foot. Every one is refreshing their wardrobes, their attitudes and their work ethic and sometimes it’s hard to build that rejuvenation from the inside out. Well, lucky for you, we are here to help. As a mental best practice for the next week instead of scrolling through social media and wistfully wishing you looked better, skinnier, prettier, actively stop yourself. And remind yourself that you’re beautiful just the way you are…Even if you don’t believe it! The more you do this, the better you’ll get at it! And then let us know how you feel. Sometimes you need to be your own cheerleader! xx


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