Party Plans

Kyle has many talents. Between being a new mom (she’s amazing), a businesswomen, a stylist, an editor, a friend, a sister, an aunt—she’s an amazing party planner. Whether it’s a small get together with friends or her crazy, fun annual Derby soiree or a birthday get together. So today we thought we’d share some MAJOR party vibes.

We are obsessed with the simple cake in the first photo. Have you ever thought of purchasing a simple white cake (from a local grocery store) and then add peonies or roses. The idea is inexpensive, but will end up looking expensive. Floral arrangements can be SO expensive. So why not stop by your local craft store and pick up some inexpensive mason jars, gold or paper holders and only add a few stems into each bouquet? We love flowers from Trader Joes (the price point doesn’t hurt either!).

And lastly, we suggest picking up a plethora of colored cloth napkins. You can easily reuse (a simple wash) and many colors can fit into different themes throughout the year. Have fun! xx


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