Almost G&T Time!



That’s right! It’s almost time for G&T time (Gin & Tonic that is). As the season changes, it’s fun to change up your drink of choice and a G&T is refreshingly spring approved!


  • first add the gin to the glass (desired quantity)
  • then add the tonic slowly so as not to lose too much of the fizz
  • leave a big space for the ice
  • gently drop as many ice cubes into the glass as possible, once again in an attempt not to lose too much fizz
  • gently squeeze a lemon or lime wedge over the drink and drop a second unsqueezed wedge or slice into the glass
  • using a swizzle stick or your finger, gently press down on the ice so as to lightly mix the citrus juice through the drink
  • Add a swirly green or blue straw & Enjoy!







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