5 Black Shoes You Need

Untitled #94
Let’s go back to the (shoe) basics – shall we? We shall! So – every season we switch out our shoes. It’s not like you’re wearing boots in August – right? Right. Okay so there are the basic shoes you need in your closet every season and then it’s easy to build upon the basics – just like if we are talking about clothes. Today we are listing the 5 basics for fall and winter (excluding winter boots that are necessary for snow)! Flats, pumps, booties, riding boots and heeled boots. They are interchangeable and go with many different outfits – depending on where you’re going and who you’re seeing! Flats and riding boots are the more casual of the five, while the heeled boots, booties and heels are the dressier of the five. All in all the five choices shown will transition you through every weather and event you have going on this holiday season! XO

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