Thursday Thoughts


Bringing you some weekly inspiration! We’d like to pause our weekly round ups for something a bit more thought provoking.

I was skimming Pinterest recently and came across this very pretty quote. What struck me was the words, however.  Many of us are constantly trying to achieve personal success – in business, in relationships, in parenting, in love. We often forget that by building up the people around us, we in turn will be as well. Think about it. The minute you compliment your barista – they’ll smile. They may return the favor. They may say thank you. Regardless you’ve made a positive impact on the natural progression of another person’s day, and you’ll feel good for doing so. So here is some encouragement! Go ahead! Do one small act of kindness today for another – even if it’s a smile. You’ll never know the kind of impact you can make unless you try.


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