Derby Day 2015


This year Kyle and Brian hosted their annual Kentucky Derby and it was SO MUCH FUN! It was the perfect weather to gather around the television, bet on some horses and celebrate the winner with mint juleps, passed appetizers and some dancing! The party sort of kicks off the warm season in the Moreland household, so today we are sharing some adorable photos from Derby day 2015.

001_2015Derby_001 018_2015Derby_018 022_2015Derby_022 025_2015Derby_025 064_2015Derby_064 084_2015Derby_084


098_2015Derby_098 114_2015Derby_114 142_2015Derby_142 149_2015Derby_149 166_2015Derby_166 171_2015Derby_171 198_2015Derby_198

(We had to include our favorite little mascot – Oliver Twist!)


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